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August 6, 2008 at 11:30 am (Guides, Ploughman's diary) (, )

Hehe, so another update in my blog. First and best news for me in last 2 days were that I became sub-leader of S.H.I.E.L.D guild, so write to me if you want to join this awesome guild 🙂 Hehe, i’mso happy about it ^^ I wish sub-leaders and leaders could have exceptional capes, it would make us stand from all others. Another thing is that I remembered that i wrote best transknight guide in the world, and it got pretty forgotten, so time to remind it, here we go:

Transknight guide by Ploughman

1.0 Introduction and stage for mortals
1.1 Stat builds for mortals
1.2 Equipment info for transknight
1.3 Starting the game – low level mortal
1.4 Early game stage – mid/high lvl mortal
1.5 Middle game stage – max level mortal/path to god
2.0 God stage – base information about gods
2.1 Stat builds for transknight gods
2.2 Leveling god character
3.0 End game – becoming celestial god
4.0 Misc. tips
5.0 Credits
6.0 Questions and Answers

1.0 Introduction

Main goal of this guide – help new players, introduce for them awesome character – transknight, and his build with trans
skill mastery. For a little more advanced players there is also info about playing as god and becoming celestial god, equipment
info, perfect stats and some tips.

1.1 Stat builds for mortals

Mortal don’t have a lot of choices , because they aren’t very useful nowadays (just for erion sieges xD).

1) More pvp oriented build (recommended).
Strength – everything that is left.
Constitution – 300 or 500 constitution without growth, that will make you good tank at guild wars and let you stay at pvp longer.
It will make living at waters easier too, so i can’t say that this build is good just for pvp, that’s why it is recommended xD
Dexterity – 500 is best, that will make your evade rate decent and max attack speed (200 %). If you thing that investing so much is waste you
can leave it lower and just use weapon/jewelery for max attack speed, but nowadays evade rate is very important stat.
Intelligence – you are not MK (magic knight), just don’t put any points here.

2) Pure pve oriented build.
Strength – everything that is left.
Constitution –
base, growth is enough for pve.
– put for maximum attack speed (200%) including weapons, you don’t need dexterity for pve.
Intelligence –

3)Tanking build (never tried it).
Strength – enough for armors, if you can level up your TK to 286 and get E set and E weapon don’t add any.
Constitution – everything that is left.
Dexterity –
500 or even 1000, evade rate is veeeeery useful for tanking.
Intelligence –
Comments: never tried or saw this build, but theoretically it would be ultimate build for tanking and can be something useful.

That’s all for transknight build, to say it bluntly – if you want good overall character that can kill you use first build, if tk is your 2nd or 3rd char and is only
for farming monsters use second, if you want something different – take 3rd build.

For every build masteries are same, that would be trans mastery as first, 2nd weapon and 3rd faith.

1.2 Equipment info for mortals

Weapons :
2 one-handed axes or swords – costs more to upgrade (you need 2x laks, because you are using 2 weapons xD), but if you they are both with good
options it will deal more damage. Just remember one thing – always use 2 swords OR 2 axes, never use 1 sword and 1 axe, lower bonus from 2nd weapon.
Two-handed sword – cheaper than 2 weapons, have some str bonus and have lower damage than 2 weapons, but if you are poor this is better choice.
Throwing weapon + shield – if you need better defense (I believe it is best choice for tanking build and maybe pve build) use this, it gives you some ranged
attack, that makes monsters farming easier (you will always be near healers).
Nails (or however they are called) – don’t use them, throwing weapon and shield have better def, swords/axes have better dmg.

Armors :
Gloves – at early levels you can use damage/skill mastery or defense/skill mastery, but later best choice is damage/defense gloves. Perfect options for upgrading:
30 defense and 30 damage.
Boots – perfect options – 18 skill mastery and 30 damage, but if you don’t need skill mastery you can upgrade just with 30 dmg.
Pants – 7% crit chance must be, other opt is for your taste/build, but mostly it is 30 damage (for tanking build take defense instead of damage).
Breastplate – same as pants.
Helmet – def opt and att speed if you aren’t putting 500 dex.

Jewelery :
Ring/bracelet – maximum hp increase or damage increase.
Amulet – damage or hp increase and weapon mastery.
Gem/stones/protector slots – take one gem with crit. rate and spirit stone or 2 spirit stones. I prefer absorb damage stones, but it is up to you.

1.3 Starting the game – low level mortal (level 1-200)

So you decided to level up transknight (it’s good choice xD). When you create character you start near training camp. Training camp is extremely good thing for
new characters, it will give you repliction A and upgrade your equipment. Level up your dexterity till 32 to equip sword and use trainer to upgrade it for +3. Very important
thing don’t drop this +3 weapon, and level 45 you will take your froggy sword from unicorn. So end training camp, go to train near Erion and reach level 40 as soon as possible. At level 40 you should have 80k gold or 1 gravekeeper’s candle, use it to enter Spirit Garden quest (X button is your friend for locations). Level up there till lvl
115.Then do Ceremony to apprentice quest. After you did it train till lvl 116 and do revival of dark knight quest.

1.4 Early game stage – mid/high lvl mortal (level 200-400)

Nothing new, do revival quest, at level 201 do gargoyles quest to upgrade armors to +6 and at level 220 do Knight of the kingdom quest (this is must to do quest). After
completing those 2 quests you can still do revival quest till 265, then at 266 do immortality of hydra and at level 321 beginning of unhappiness and at level 350 start to do
water M shares OR you can start to do water M shares after completing Knight of the kingdom quest.

1.5 Middle game stage – max level mortal/path to god

So you reached level 400. It was easy, wasn’t it? Now very irritating part begins. It’s god quests. They are called To Find Eternal Life and To the New beginning. You can find information about them at wyd global web. They are hard to complete, but there are 2 more ways to get quest items. First way is to buy god pack for 50000 wcoins
(50$) and 2nd is to buy quest items for gold, it should cost about 200m.

Note: some peoples first upgrade their set and weapon to +9 and just then become god, but it’s up to you.

2.0 God stage – base information about gods

I copied and edited info from wydglobal web page (they have some typos here xD)
Special Feature of God Class:

1)To transfer into a God Class Character, you must finish the two quests which are To Find Eternal Life and To the New Beginning. God Class Character’s appearance follows the main character and you may choose one class among the four classes.

2)Transcending into a God Class Character will create a new character with a name identical to the character who is attempting the transformation.

3)The skills of the God Class character will be based on the skills that you have chosen during the quest. God Class Character’s growth will be based on the main character.

4)God Class character cannot wear helmet. Wearing of armors will follow the main character. You may wear all kind of weapons regardless of your class. However, God Class cannot wear level E armors (Slayer) and weapon (Lydian) except God Class weapons and armors

5)When you transcend to God Class character at level 370, you will receive 112 Mastery Point, 288 Stat Point, 168 Skill Point

6)When your normal character levels up after you transcend to God Class character , your God Class character will

receive 8 Stat Points bonus per level up.

Stats , skill points, defense and hp growth you can find at wydglobal website.

2.1 Stat builds for transknight gods

Gods have many choices because their weapons and armors don’t have requirements, so I will write some info how important each stat is and my opinion about putting points.

Strength – depends on your choice, this stat add damage, but not very huge amounts, so i think you should put about 1000-1500, but some people use same build as for
mortal and add as much as possible.
Dexterity – 500 or 1000, lower isn’t good at all, you don’t have many choices here xD
Intelligence – useless, don’t add any.
Constitution – same as strenght, depends on you, more str = lower con, try to reach optimal variant here.

Skill masteries same as for mortals.

2.2 Leveling god character

Congratulations with your transknight god. God have a lot of advantages, but there is some bad things. They are:
1) No 350 quests, no cheap exp and lak scraps
2) You get 2x lower exp, that means you need to kill 2x more mobs.
3) At early levels your mortal is stronger than your god, that means you can’t go to tarons at lvl 1 xD
4) Level difference at early levels is very irritating.
Now about leveling. Reach level 100 at dungeon or armia field. Then try to organize some water N share, you can’t get in M because of level difference ;(. Nowadays it is
hard to organize that damn n share party, so be patient, it can take few days xD Reach ~250-300 level with n shares, then join m share .That’s the only way to level up fast.
At level 355 do god quests, they will affect your celestial god character a lot.

3.0 End game – becoming celestial god

To transfer into a Celestial God, you must first solve the ‘Secret of Runes’ quest. Mortal character must be level 400 and God must be level 356 and above. Other way is to buy ideal stone for 150k wcoins (150$) or to buy it for ~600m. 1 more thing – your god character will be deleted and your celestial will be created instead.

4.0 Misc. tips

1)Try to have throwing weapon or bow (god only) for hunting, it will help a lot.
2)Level up blood foema for healing, it helps very much.
3)For skills take assault, growth and aura of life asap, other skills are just requirement for last trans mastery skill – critical armor (that is extremely good and costs 50m)
4)For gods perfect armors options are same, but for weapons a lot of god tk uses bows, it will give you range that is good at hunting and pvp.
5)Don’t upgrade helmet while you are mortal , it will be useless later.
6)Newbie package is great thing for mortal, try to get it.

5.0 Credits

iAmNameless for some help with armors and stats.
Armageddon guild for stats help.
Wydglobal team for wyd xD

I will try to update and post blood foema guide tomorrow.


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Day of Ploughman’s life

August 4, 2008 at 11:05 am (Ploughman's diary) (, , )

So hi again, i’m back for daily update ^^. So whole last day i was killing Dark Shadows for lak & ori drop, and i noticed how crappy is our community (well you can see that even in global chat or citizen chat), lot of people can’t understand what are you saying to them, they try to ks you or pk your summoner and when you try to talk with them everything they say is: no,yes, no inglish. C’mon, you can learn more in 1 week, don’t play mmo  game in global server if you know 4 words in english (i know it’s rude, but i don’t think it’s wrong). I even got paranoia and when 4urEYEsOnlY came near me i thought that he gonna pk my chars and prepared to defend my place :P. He spent about 3 or more hours nearby and teached me about ds hunting, helped against ksers and just killed boredom ^^. Because of him i managed to get 16 laks yesterday (he even gave me one for nothing), so my big thanks of the day goes to 4urEYEsOnlY (and congratulation too, he made ancient weapon yesterday 😛 ).

P.S CMs thanks for choosing my blog, i will work hard to improve it ^^, but i have one thing to say, you sent my laks to Ploughwoman, not Ploughman, i don’t mind this because she is my healer, but still…

Now lets put some screens !

SweMK got pked (i guess it was his mistake)

Steal that ds Bushido (and please learn what your guild name means)

Now let’s pk me and my summoner (just don’t die next time doing this)

Killing with Itachi and 4urEYEs:

Killing with my guild friends:

That’s all for today, it’s shorter for now, but i can’t think anything else 😛

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Hello world!

August 3, 2008 at 9:02 am (Ploughman's diary) (, , , , , )

Yay, hi all, this is my first time writing something like this (never got intention to write blogs, but those 3 laks made my mind 😛 ), so I have no idea what to write :). Well I think I should begin with short introduction, so my name is Remis (short version and only dumptires call me like this 😛 ), i live in capital city of Lithuania (it’s Vilnius if someone don’t know 😛 ), i’m 16 years old male student (what else could i be) and i like playing some pc games, basketball, soccer, anime, meet with friends and other usual stuff. My character is called Ploughman and he is 370 tk god (btw I just unlocked today, congratulate me 😛 ), wearing crappy +9 set and using crappy non-ancient +9 bow (bow is cheaper than 2 weapons hehe), well i have another god char called J0EY, and she is 351 god black foema (i bought it for gold 😛 ), but this blog is about Ploughman’s wyd life so let’s forget her.

Now when short introduction is done, i think i should write something about my today’s adventures. Well nothing special happened, except that i unlocked lvl 370, it was such a pain to gather all those laks and seal, and such a waste to use them only for 30 levels *cry*, but well finally i can reach level 400 and become celestial *evil laugh*. Well that’s all about my adventures today, i will just kill those worms in dd all night & day hehe. So let’s talk about what happened yesterday, server 4 siege war.

But before this let’s congratulate S.H.I.E.L.D guild with win over s4 erion (I forgot to mention that i’m in guild called S.H.I.E.L.D xD )

Okay, now let’s get back to siege war. Yesterday showed how much wyd is one sided, there were only red guilds, and they even started to fight against their allies, it was hella fun to watch tho (I forgot to mention 1 more thing, my guild is blue hehe). I can’t understand all those little small guilds becoming red, why the hell they do that? They think that big guilds will give them lot of gold and items? I can’t find another reason to become red cape guild, if you want to become strong you have to take towns by force, that means you should join blue atm.
I guess that’s all for today, Bye 😛

P.S. Thx to dumptires for giving me info about this event 😛

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